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A few years ago, I started writing and appreciated the help and encouragement that I received. So, I want to help others who are starting to write, struggling to write, or scared to write. I've been there! And writing isn't always easy. So this blog is my way of trying to help and encourage others to "move forward and conquer the blank page!"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday's Musings

I went to Blue Ridge Writers Conference last week.

It was amazing.

God provided me the perfect roommate.
We didn't know each other before the conference, but we were so obviously meant to be together as roommates. We even have the same shoe size! Yes, she had shoes for me to borrow after I developed blisters from my own pairs.

God also provided me much encouragement as a writer. I was blessed with authors that helped direct and encourage me. And He used me to help direct new writers to classes and speakers who could help them.

But what came out of the conference that is even more amazing than all of that, is a fellow writer and speaker whose world turned upside down during the conference. She regularly brings her mom with her to the conferences. But on the day before the conference ended, her mother suffered two aneurysms. Neither of them live in the city, or state for that matter, where she is hospitalized.

You might expect the speaker to be devastated at the possibility of losing her precious mother. While there is sadness, to be sure, I have witnessed what I know can only come from God. This daughter loves her mom so evidently. But she also loves Jesus as evidently. Of course she wants to have her mom here on earth, but more importantly, she wants what God wants. Even if that means He calls her mother home.

I am truly humbled to watch someone let God have His way in her life. Especially in such a difficult time. I don't know how she does it, yet I do. But this hasn't happened by accident in her life. She knows Him in such a way that the grace is there and she's walking in it, living in it.

As much as I want my words to encourage or challenge my readers, I realize that walking with my God, and learning to hear His voice is truly most important. And I have been blessed to see what that looks like.


  1. Hi from the roommate! I found your blog! :)
    You can borrow my shoes anytime...
    Can't wait to read more!