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A few years ago, I started writing and appreciated the help and encouragement that I received. So, I want to help others who are starting to write, struggling to write, or scared to write. I've been there! And writing isn't always easy. So this blog is my way of trying to help and encourage others to "move forward and conquer the blank page!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Because I have been blessed with writers who have encouraged me to pursue my love of writing, I hope to encourage you to write and write well.

My journey of writing started with a horrible case of strep throat. It landed me in bed for a week. During that time, I corresponded with Vonda Skelton. I hadn't even met her yet, but she told me of a local writer's meeting that she and Edie Melson had started. When I felt better, I attended and listened to what they had to say. Working on my craft, I kept meeting with them and eventually attended my first writer's conference at Ridgecrest in North Carolina. Again, I listened to what they said and left the conference with my first paid writing assignment.

Well, in the ensuing years, much has transpired. There are times when writing came easily and times when life got in the way. But my writing buddies helped keep me going. So, I will share more of the lessons I have learned along the way and hope that you will find the courage to conquer the blank page!

Until next time, blessings!!



  1. I'm so glad God brought us all together!

  2. Hi Mary! Welcome to the blogosphere! And I agree with Edie--I'm so thankful the Lord brought us all together. :-)